Saturday, 19 November 2011

76% of 100lb Target Gone

It's been ages since I've been on here I'm so so sorry for not managing to keep it up... I promise to try and be better!
Well I'm delighted to say that I've now broken the 12 barrier and am just into the 11s taking me to a total of 76lbs lost since I started my journey.
My weight loss seems to be playing silly buggers over the last few weeks though... I have a really good weight loss then I put on a pound or STS followed by a good loss and I'm doing the same thing every week... go figure!
Aiming to get as close to the 10s as I can by Christmas 5 weeks..... should see 10lbs gone if I'm lucky.

Wish me luck

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wk 11 weigh in

Well I weighed in this morning at 5am for my end of week 11 weigh in and was please to see 1 lb gone.
It wasn't my target but I can't help feeling that with having the miscarriage this week my hormones and emotions are all over the place and I'm still feeling bloated. Lets hope for a bit more off next week.

So in 11 weeks I have lost 37lbs and have 63 to go - wow thats pretty good going if i do say so myself. Heres to a good week ahead

Saturday, 16 July 2011

38% Gone

Well can you believe this I started my journey 11 weeks ago and I'm still on it and I'm 38lbs lighter.... only 12 more lbs to go to my first 50lb target.

It's not been an easy few weeks mind you - emotionally that is... well for one I found out I was pregnant then at 9weeks I had a miscarriage (which is still very raw and hurts like heck!)

But the amazing thing in all of this is that I didn't fall into the lap of sugar and fat filled food as an emotional crutch... I have somehow kept this together and I'm so pleased see I can do it.

So now I need to recover... I need to keep on track and keep working towards my target
Here's hoping

Sunday, 5 June 2011

22% Gone

Week 5
Sunday 5th June 2011
Current Weight - 15'11 (221lbs)
Weight Loss - 3lbs
Total weight loss - 22lbs (78lbs to go)

Well it's Sunday and the end of my 5th week of my new start and I've lost another 3lbs YEAH - that takes me to 22lbs in total which is 22% of my goal so only 78% to go now.

I've joined one of the WW challenges which is to lose as much as possible before Christmas 2011 which is only 29 weeks away (hey who stole half the year?)
I'm well up for it and would love to be 58lbs lighter (thats having an average loss of 2lbs per week) and would take me to 163lbs (11st 9lbs)

Anyway thats enough of the STATS... just needed to get it out of my system.
Am not in a good place today for some reason, am really hating on myself big time and being oh so grumpy my poor Hubby is really feeling the brunt of it today. Don't know why as I've had a weight loss, we had a lovely walk this morning and then had to pop to Costco to get the buffet for our INSET day tomorrow - lovely sandwiches, wraps, mini cakes and a veg platter
So I put my size 18 jeans to go and looked in the mirror and the hatred started, I've been wearing the same jeans for months now and they just looked dreadful today... it was if someone had turned the reality switch and just showed me how massive my legs are (I carry most of my weight on my legs and upper arms and it's not a good look at all)
My first instint was to stuff my face, but instead I've got grumpy and put the horrid jeans in the recycling bag.
I just want to look nice!

Ah well here's to a good week ahead

Saturday, 4 June 2011


So this is it My 1st Post so here goes....Why???? Because I've been well and truly inspired.
So where did this inspiration come from????? Well I'm currently reading the most inspirational weight loss book I've ever come across - " The amazing adventures of Diet Girl" by Shauna Reid 
(Check out her blog The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl)
In her book she talks about her blog and all the blogs she used for inspiration and a little light bulb said - 'Hey I could do that' so here we are on my first post.I want this blog to be a place for me to celebrate, rant, rave and be everything else that weight loss brings along with it.

So here's a bit about me and my weight loss journey.
I've always been overweight the whole of my life - I always believed as a child that I was the Fat Kid I was always bigger than my perfect brother and always bigger than all of my friends.
One of my earliest memories is when I was 5 or 6 and it was Easter Sunday morning - Me and Neil had both had the same Easter Egg (it wasn't like it is today with children getting several  eggs back in 1977 we were just given the one) So I sat and polished mine off in one sitting when I'd finished I watched Neil eat slowly eat part of his egg then wrap it back up in the foil and put it back into the box.... this totally confused me I couldn't understand how could he leave any???? Why didn't he just eat it all?
Fast forward to my 7th birthday
It was 1979 and the 2 things I pined over were pinstriped jeans and a reversible sweatshirt with cutie cats or teddies on. Back in the day mum used to make the majority of our clothes money was tight and she was a brilliant seamstress who could make anything but as a child I wanted to look like my peers!
Well I didn't get the jumper but I did get the jeans, I was so chuffed and I knew they were a luxury item ....
I didn't rush to put them on I just hugged them and waited until I was alone in my room (I never did getting naked in front of my family). I put my feet into the skinny legs of the jeans and pulled them up... but no joy they wouldn't move, after 10mins I managed to get them up to my knee but that was it...I knew it was because I was too fat
So what did I do.... did I go down and tell Mam & Dad.... no I was so ashamed I his them in my wardrobe and avoided all questions about them
I think that's when all the fears and fat feelings began and they've never gone away...
I've got lots of other unhappy memories which plague me but I'll save those for another day...
                      Me in Junior School - 2nd row 3rd from right - looking much fatter than my friends

So where am I now?
I'm 39 years old, will be 40 next May and want to be 40 fit and fabulous.
That means I've given myself 1 year to lose 100lbs - that's an average of 1.92lbs per week.
I started on 1st May and weighed in at 17st 5lbs (243lbs) BMI 41
I am currently 15st 11lbs (221lbs) and have been on this journey for 5 weeks - 47wks to go

So here goes lets shift the lard and keep it off